Transfer Checklist

Applying to college while you’re already a college student is a challenging task, but one that must be done if you plan to transfer colleges. Use our following checklist before, during, and after your transfer process to plan ahead and stay on top of the game!

If you’re looking to stay on top of your transfer application, view this transfer timeline.


  • Research schools

Similar to what you did as a freshman, find out more about the colleges that strike your interest. Do they have the major you want? Are there campus organizations that you want to join? Check out this article for ways to research colleges.

  • Enroll in transferable classes

Not every college will accept all of your courses, so it’s important to take classes that are the most likely to transfer with you. Some schools post articulation agreements with schools, so be sure to refer to it when signing up for classes to ensure that the classes you take will transfer.

  • Talk to admissions counselors

Before you enroll in classes at your current college, ask which of your classes should transfer so that you don’t lose credits in the process.

Ask admissions if they offer a transfer student orientation: it’s freshman orientation, aimed at transfer students!

  • Keep course syllabi

If a college isn’t sure whether or not to accept a class, or they say they won’t accept it, having your course syllabi is key! By giving them the syllabus for a class, they’re able to learn more about the class and (hopefully) accept it. To increase the chances of a class transferring, save all of your assignments for that class as well, whether it be essays or homework.

  • Get involved

Joining campus organizations and/or getting a job will round out your application when applying to colleges, increasing your chances of acceptance! This article can help you get involved on campus if you aren’t sure where to start.

  • Tour campus

Touring the campuses of the colleges you want to transfer to will allow you to experience the campuses and students first-hand. While you’re there, make sure you talk to current students for their opinion on the college.

  • Research dual-admissions agreements

Dual-admissions agreements, which can include core-to-core, can ensure that your classes transfer and that you’re given Junior status at your new college. Learn more about these agreements in this article

  • Be positive while you apply

When filling out your application and completing entrance interviews, don’t insult the college you’re transferring from. Instead, focus on reasons such as academics, finances, or location as a reason for transfer. Make sure you emphasize your strengths and imply that you want to, and can, flourish at their college.

  • Finish strong

As you approach the end of the semester, stay focused on your classes. Some colleges require your final semester grades before they’ll accept you. You don’t want your last semester to keep you from transferring!


  • Meet with your advisor

Your advisor will be able to help you plan your course schedule, help you graduate on time, and answer your questions. Staying in contact with your advisor will definitely pay off.

  • Get involved

Going to as many events as you can during the first few weeks will help you create bonds on your new college campus. Involvement fairs, career fairs, and social events are great places to get started. For more ways to get involved, check out this article

  • Join a club or community

Becoming a part of a club or community allows you to take the next step in getting involved, beyond simply attending college-wide events. These communities will offer a smaller group of students for you to meet.

  • Watch your transcript

Make sure you keep an eye on your credits and courses to ensure that they transferred correctly. You don’t want an error to result in your loss of credits!

  • Work hard and stay focused

College can offer a lot of distractions, but it’s crucial that you keep working towards what’s important. Stay on top of upcoming deadlines, and show your new college that they made the right decision by accepting you!


Congratulations on completing the transfer checklist! Make sure you stay on top of your assignments and obligations, and enjoy college!


Download this checklist as a PDF: Transfer Checklist PDF


– Michelle L. and Sarah C.