3 Pitfalls to Avoid on Campus

As transfer students, we arrive on our new campus with a sense of confidence and knowledge that we lacked as freshman. While we may not know the campus like the back of our hands, we know what it’s like picking courses for our schedule, meeting with advisers, and making friends.

Yet, this false sense of confidence often leads us to make some simple mistakes. If you’re a new spring admit or fall admit transfer, or even an older transfer, here are a few refreshers on three easy mistakes to avoid on campus:


1. Not meeting with your adviser. It’s easy to believe that you don’t need the help of your new adviser, especially after you’ve looked at articulation agreements, researched classes to take, and perhaps even planned your schedule while applying to transfer. One of the easiest mistakes to make is keeping this mindset and going solo on the rest of your college career. Don’t close yourself off from letting your adviser help you, whether it be with your major, classes, or electives. You might learn something new!

2. Not going to campus events/club meetings. Some transfers may be commuters, and simply go to campus for classes. Others, after holding positions in their community college or previous institution, may find it hard to join clubs that already have a hierarchy in place. Whether you fit both these cases or not, don’t let your day-to-day activities consist of simply classes and studying.

It is always difficult going to club meetings, especially if you might be alone or if you aren’t joining the club during a typical “welcoming” period. Keep pushing yourself to go out to these organizations, and you’ll soon find a family that you feel at home with.

3. Not spending time on campus. You do know a lot more about the college experience than a lot of the other newer students, but don’t let that stop you from taking a step back and just enjoying your school. Stay on campus instead of heading back to your apartment or commuting home right after class. Explore some buildings around you that you don’t normally go to, check out the library, or grab food at a cafe. The transition from school to school goes a lot quicker when you know the campus better, and have memories associated with certain areas or adventures.

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If you’re just a potential transfer, check out these three pitfalls to avoid as an applicant here. If you have other suggestions for your fellow transfer students, feel free to comment them below.

– Michelle L.