Transfer Credits: Manor College to Temple University

twitter-profile-picIn this post, I’m sharing how my classes from Manor College transferred to Temple University. Maybe you’re a Manor student considering transferring to Temple, or perhaps you’re researching how courses transfer between colleges. Whichever is the case, I hope you find this post helpful!

I graduated from Manor College with an Associate’s in Business Management. At Temple University, I’m majoring in Marketing.

The following information is based off of my original credit evaluation.

Manor College Course Temple Equivalent
Principles of Marketing Marketing Management
Principles of Business Law Law of Contracts
Business Communications Writing for Business + Ind
Principles of Management Organization + Management
Human Resource Management Introduction to Human Resource Management
Science of Nutrition Nutrition and Health
Microcomputer Applications Lower-Level Elective, CIS
Macroeconomics Macroeconomics Principles
Microeconomics Microeconomics Principles
Fundamentals of Composition I Analytic Read + Writing
Fundamentals of Composition II Writing/Research Essay
Culture, Race and Ethnicity Eth + Race Min America- 1870
Statistics Stat Methods + Concepts
Philosophy and the Human Condition Introduction to Philosophy
Comparative Religions in America Religion in America
Introduction to Business Business Elective
Financial Accounting Elective
Managerial Accounting* Managerial Accounting
Sales Strategies Elective (no credit)
Organizational Behavior Managing People at Work
(no credit)

* I had to submit course syllabi for this to transfer in as the respective course.

Update: I could not receive credit for my Organizational Behavior class because it transferred in as an upper-level course; because I took it at a two-year college, they won’t accept it as the upper-level class.

Of the classes I took at Manor, I need to retake the following:

  • Business Communications
  • Financial Accounting
  • A legal course
  • A philosophy-type course

Here’s a breakdown of what requirements my Manor courses fulfilled:

  • 4 of 7 General Education requirements
  • 5 of 20 Business Foundation courses (required for all business majors)
  • 0 of 7 Marketing major course requirements

2 classes transferred in as prerequisites for required classes.

Due to the fact that I transferred over 45 credits into Temple, they excused me from taking one of two Arts/Human Behavior courses, one of two Science & Technology courses, and one of two “Mosaics” courses (a freshmen-level class that covers topics such as Philosophy).

As you can see, although most of my classes transferred into Temple, many didn’t count towards my major, and I still have GenEds to complete. However, on the bright side, all of my free electives are filled!


– Sarah C.

Disclaimer: Courses change overtime at both schools in the transfer process; another student’s classes may not transfer the same way. This credit evaluation should only be used as a guide.