6 Reasons To Stop Transferring

I’m currently in the process of transferring to my second college in the last year. As you may or may not know, I graduated from Manor College a year ago, after which I immediately transferred to Moravian College. For several reasons, I decided Moravian wasn’t the best fit for me, and after taking a semester off, I am in the process of transferring to Temple University. I need to stop.


This is why transferring is a mess:

  1. Re-taking courses: I’ve already taken two ethnicity/culture-related courses, and I might need to take a third one at Temple. I’ve also completed Financial and Managerial Accounting (among other courses), but guess who gets to take them again: this girl. I’m going to submit the course syllabi and pray that some of them can satisfy requirements, but that leads to reason #2:
  2. Petitioning for credit: Elective, elective, elective. That’s what my credit evaluations look like. In order to switch electives to fulfill requirements or to get credit for classes you weren’t given credit for, you must submit your course syllabi. If you knew you wanted to transfer ever since your first semester of college, and if you were a perfect transfer student, you kept all of your course syllabi. For the rest of us, like me, we need to find syllabi from all of the courses we want to submit for re-evaluation. This means I’m in the process of contacting my professors a year or two after having taken their course to ask for the course syllabus. Wish me luck! (Learn how to petition for credit in this article.)
  3. Transferring courses: I took four courses at Moravian (the normal course load), but all four are transferring to Temple as electives. Two of them definitely kicked my butt, but now it feels like I’m not getting credit for having completed them because they’re just electives. This leads me to my next point:
  4. An overload of electives: It’s a nice feeling knowing that I’ve fulfilled all of my elective requirements, but not when I realize those could have been used to try new things or learn more about an area I’m interested in. Sadly, in my (and probably most transfers’) case, our electives consists of GenEds that were required at our previous college (or colleges).
  5. The “two year” rule: Even if a college won’t say it, you will need to be there for at least two years before you can graduate. Moravian College actually requires transfer students to be enrolled for four traditional semesters (two fall semesters and two spring semesters) before they can graduate. Therefore, taking summer classes won’t speed up the process.
  6. Extra credits: All of the above reasons result in an excess of credits when graduation is finally achieved. According to my advisor, I’ll graduate with about 25 extra credits than are required for graduation. That’s about eight courses.

This blog post focused on the academic flaws in the transfer pipeline. To learn what else to look out for when transferring, read these posts:

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– Sarah C.

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