Transfer Admissions Proposals

Hey colleges, this blog post is for you. As a two-time transfer student, I have a pretty good grasp on what goes wrong during the transfer process.

So, on behalf of all transfer students, please consider these proposals.

  1. Offer freshmen and transfers equal scholarships: Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that freshmen are eligible for full-rides and we (proven college students) are only eligible for a fraction of the money.
  2. Make transfer information accessible on your website: We don’t want to spend hours trying to find information on transferring to your school just because it’s impossible to find on your website. We also don’t want to read information regarding freshmen and think it applies to us. Simply include a link to a section specifically for transfer students and we’ll thank you!
  3. Add a transfer equivalency tool to your website: Create a system on your website that will allow us to get some idea of which courses will transfer as what, even before we apply or are accepted. You can view Temple University’s here, and it’s awesome!
  4. Guarantee housing for transfers: It’s a challenge to make friends as a transfer student because current students already have their friend groups established. Living in campus housing is one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends; please don’t take that opportunity away from us. Additionally, it’s difficult to find affordable off-campus housing, especially if we don’t know anyone at your college to rent an apartment with.Blue White Blog Graphic
  5. Honor our roommate requests: … Because why wouldn’t you?
  6. Make a decision on our applications
    within a reasonable time frame:
    Please don’t make us wait months for an admissions decision (June is too late if we’re transferring for the fall!). You accept seniors in high school before you have their final grades; why should we be any different?
  7. Have a transfer orientation: We’re different from freshmen, and we’ve already gone through orientation once. Give us a chance to bond with people our age at an orientation geared towards us. (During my college search, I didn’t even consider a school unless they offered a transfer-specific orientation.)
  8. Host a transfer open house: Transfer orientation is great, but an open house that focuses on transfer student topics would be nice too. Make sure there are current transfer students available for us to talk with. At the very least, split up freshmen and transfers for part of the open house so that you can address transfer concerns.
  9. Act like you want us: Don’t treat us as if we’re second-best after freshmen. We’re proven college students who are determined to graduate (trust me, if we weren’t, we wouldn’t go through all the trouble of transferring)!

Colleges: Thank you for considering these proposals as a way to improve the leaky transfer pipeline!

Transfer students: Spread this post to your friends and colleges so that our voices are heard!

Please contact us to share your experiences or for more information.

– Sarah C.