3 Great Schools for Transfer Students

Remember Sarah’s post at the beginning of May of this year providing a few proposals for colleges to consider? If you don’t remember, I don’t blame you – it can be tough to remember anything after cramming lots of information in your brain during finals season!

Today, I am bringing you a few great places to consider when looking for a transfer-friendly university to continue your learning.

Clemson University in Clemson, SC.

Making friends is tough when you’re an adult. You’re a bit older, so you’re too embarrassed to come up to someone and ask, “Want to be my friend?” At the same time, you don’t want to be lonely. Therefore, Clemson University has a great option to live in a community created specifically for transfer students! They basically offer housing for transfer students to live with other transfer students. You can get more details about these transfer-focused living arrangements here.

Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO.

SLU has the coolest (maybe slightly cheesy) name for their transfer program. Are you ready for it? TRANSFERmation. Pretty clever, huh? It’s basically a six week program consisting of information sessions, game nights, and other fun events to help transfer students ease into their new university. I also like that it is six weeks long rather than a 1-2 day orientation, where it is harder to stay connected with new people that you meet. You can read more about their transfer program here.

University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT.

There are several great options that this university offers for transfer students. On top of providing a mentor (if you choose to request one), they offer various workshops to educate you about the resources on campus for transfer students, including scholarships! Their Crimson Transfer Honor Society also offers more scholarship opportunities for transfer students. You can read more about the perks of attending the university as a transfer student here.

Know of another university that has great perks for transfer students? Make sure to jot it down in the comments below to assist other students on the hunt for a transfer-perfect university!

– Alena Y.