5 Steps to Your Dream School

You have a dream school. Tuition costs, on the other hand, are definitely not a dream you were hoping for. I want you to know that you can make any school your dream school. It may require a little extra work on your part instead of relying on the college/university to hand you opportunities, but why pay someone else (via tuition) to do that work when you are fully capable to doing the work yourself and can keep a couple extra thousand in your pocket?

First off, before I tell you anything else, you need to have a positive outlook on even the worst of the worst colleges/universities. Being regretful or negative about something won’t change anything, so why waste your time continuously despising a subpar option when you can make the best of it? It may sound difficult, but here’s how you can create a glass half full when the glass is half empty:

  1. Get Involved! I know everyone always advises you to get involved in college, but it really is the best experience. There is an opportunity here for you to gain leadership skills that will not only transform your thinking, upgrade your resume, and help you develop, but it will also lead your peers in a better direction. Plus, you’ll make friends while doing so. It’s a win-win.
  2. Research + Network! This is a recipe for success. Many schools have offices that are designed to help you reach your career goals. Some schools may not be as strong in this area as others, so it’s never wasteful to do your own research on top of what is offered to you. You may even find an opportunity better than what the school offers. Once you’ve done your research, find people that you can converse with that know even more than what the internet has told you about the topic. So many people have various interesting stories that are helpful even if they are off-topic. If you’re involved in any organizations on campus, you will have an even larger circle of professionals that you will be able to network with!
  3. Make Friends! If you don’t have friends, you will hate the school and everything about it. You will be bitter. Therefore, make friends. I don’t care how introverted you are, you need people.
  4. Try New Things! So cliché, I know. However, trying new things will give you an adrenaline rush and stories to share for a lifetime. This is what life is all about: trying new things!
  5. Take a Fun Class! This can be one of the new things you try as you fulfill number 4 when creating your own dream school. Do you have a hobby or something you’ve been wanting to try? This is your chance to take a fun class in the midst of all your serious, major-related courses! I remember taking a graphic design course while majoring in business management and it was such a great way to shift my mind and get creative!

-Alena Y.