5 Painless Steps to Petition for Transfer Credit

Learn how to submit additional information to your transfer institution so that they re-evaluate courses completed at your previous institution.

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You’ve been accepted into your dream school, maybe even already sent in your enrollment deposit. You receive another notification from them, and you excitedly open it—it’s your credit evaluation! As you begin to read through your list of previously completed courses, your face begins to drop:

That challenging course is transferring in as an elective?

No credit for this one?

Or this one?!

Another elective?!

At this precise moment is when you know it’s time to petition for transfer credit.

If a course transferred in but didn’t fulfill requirements (and you think it should have), or you weren’t granted credit, you can submit more information about the course and your transfer institution will re-evaluate it.

A petition for credit occurs when you submit additional information about a course that originally didn’t transfer in, with the hopes that credit will be granted the second time around. The steps to petition for credit and request a re-evaluation are the same.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.29.14 PMAs a transfer student, I encourage you to put in a little more work to submit your courses for re-evaluation. Your transfer institution doesn’t know much about the courses you completed, but you can help them out by submitting additional information. If your submission is successful, you can save yourself from re-taking courses, which translates into saved time and money.

Petitioning for transfer credit/requesting a re-evaluation isn’t very difficult; if anything, it requires more waiting on your part than anything else. Below is a simple list that will guide you through the process, regardless of whether you’re submitting one or ten courses.

1. Find a contact: Whether this is an admissions counselor or your advisor, find someone who you can talk to and submit additional materials to. Start a dialogue with them to make sure they can help you get some of your courses re-evaluated (or put you in contact with someone else who can).

2. Collect materials: To submit any course for re-evaluation, you’ll need the course syllabus.

If you saved your course syllabus from the class, perfect! Simply scan it, save a copy on your computer, and continue to the next step.

If you don’t have your course syllabus anymore, it’s a little trickier. Luckily, you have options on how to get a copy of your syllabus:

  1. ask students from your class if they still have a copy
  2. reach out to your professor
  3. contact an administrator in the department in which the course was offered (example: the business department for a sales course).

When you contact your professor or a department, make sure you specify the course number, and which semester/year you took the class. You’ll need the syllabus from the semester that you took the course.

ios9-mail-app-icon-left-wrap3. Email your contact: Specify which courses you’re submitting, and attach all of the course syllabi, and any other supporting documentation, in your email. If you want, you can ask how long it usually takes to receive their decision on a course (it could be several weeks)

4. Wait for a response: Like I said, it can take several weeks to hear a decision on your submitted courses. Most likely, your contact will need to send the syllabi to the head of the respective department in order for it to be evaluated. Be patient, but not too patient! If it’s been a couple of weeks and you haven’t heard from your contact, it’s time for the next step.

Note: The larger your school is, the longer you may need to wait for a response on your courses.

5. Follow up: If you still haven’t gotten a decision on your courses within a few weeks, reach out to your contact again. Make sure you thank them for any evaluations they’ve sent you, and ask if they’ve heard back on the remaining courses. Make sure you list the courses again and include the course syllabi.

We wish you the best of luck on your petitioning journey!

Was your petition successful? Do you have any suggestions for other transfer students? Comment below!

– Sarah C.