The REAL Transfer Student FAQ’s

Many colleges’ “Frequently Asked Questions for transfer students” left me with several still-unanswered questions related to the transfer process. Although some of these can be found by doing a thorough digging through their website and Google, having them more accessible would be a huge help. Additionally, it’s difficult to distinguish transfer information from freshman information.

As a transfer student, these are some questions that I think should be included in all FAQ’s for transfers.

How much, and what type of, scholarship money are transfers eligible for? 

Are transfer students eligible for full-ride merit scholarships? Price is part of the decision process, and we want to know how much we can save by attending your institution over the next!

What housing options are available to transfer students?

Is on-campus housing guaranteed for transfers? Can we request a roommate? Can we live in a suite with upper classmen, or will we be in a double room with a freshman?

When do transfer students receive an admissions decision?

Even though this probably won’t affect whether or not we decide to apply to your university, having some idea of when we should hear from you will help ease the stress associated with applying to college.

When will transfer students be sent their financial aid package?

Before we commit to a college, we want to know exactly what we’ll be required to pay (or how much we can borrow in the form of loans). Knowing when we can expect to receive our package can give us a time frame on when we’ll be able to pick a college.

Is there a transfer orientation?

Obviously, most transfer students will want to know the answer to this question, and it could affect their decision making process.

Are there transfer-specific events during the year?

If so, make sure transfer students know that you offer them! This could definitely help convince a transfer student to pick your college over another.

By including these questions and answers on a simple FAQ’s page for transfers, you’ll save us time and energy, and we’ll definitely be thankful!

Do you have a topic related to the transferring process that you want to know more about? Comment below!

– Sarah C.