4 Tips to a Great Start as a Transfer Student

A new semester has come upon us once again. As a transfer student, this can be a tough time. You may not know where you fit in, have many (if any at all) friends, be familiar with the school, etc. All of these reasons may even cause you to dislike a school and forget all of the great reasons why you chose to transfer to this great school.

Therefore, below are a few ways to help you get through the first couple weeks of the semester in a new school:

  1. Visit the School. I’m not talking about just during orientation. I want you to stop by the school and roam around. It doesn’t matter if you have to do this alone. I want you to literally walk through every nook and cranny of the campus. When I first transferred to my current school, I would take a walk on each floor of a building and explore any hole-in-the-wall I could find. I ended up discovering my favorite quiet spot on campus this way!
  2. Transfer-Student-Only Opportunities. I can guarantee that almost every university has either an office or organization that is focused on helping transfer students. Their sole purpose is to help YOU! So why not speak to someone from this office/organization? What harm will it do?
  3. Get an On-Campus Job. I’ve had an on-campus job during my first two years at college and it helped me learn a ton about the college I was working for. I personally don’t have a job at the school I transferred into, but if I was able to learn so much about the college as a freshman, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot about your transfer school as a first-time student on that campus.
  4. Say “Yes”. I know, this one is cheesy and at times unrealistic. However, saying “yes” to many new opportunities presented in front of you can literally open you up to incredible experiences and, as cheesy as it sounds, broaden your horizons.

Hope you have a great semester!

– Alena Y.