How to Dominate Your Class Schedule


One of the most important steps that happens before you even begin classes at your new school is signing up for them! This is something to be aware of especially if you enter the lull between getting your acceptance notification, squaring away your housing situation, and transferring credits. Below, I will walk you through the process of picking classes:

If your school offers a transfer orientation, you will most likely pick your classes during your orientation. Make sure you complete the required forms beforehand so your registration will go off without a hitch. Once you are there, advisers will be on hand to offer suggestions on what classes you should take and help you if any problems arise.

If you are not attending your transfer orientation, make sure to communicate with the advisers before your registration date! Know what classes you are advised to take, and look over the web registration system to ensure you don’t have any questions on how to use the system. For example, if you are taking a lecture with a lab attached to it, make sure you sign up for both sections.


What classes should you pick as a transfer?

Most likely your new school will have created a transfer credit report for you that details what transferred in and what hasn’t. Make sure you look this over to ensure your required classes are credited.

Some schools will create a personalized transfer schedule for you that offers suggestions on what classes to take. If yours doesn’t, consider these options below:

  1. Sign up for a couple major classes. Check your transfer credit report and take the next core class required to complete your major. 
  2. Sign up for a couple GE’s. If you didn’t finish your Gen Ed requirements at your previous school, make sure you are working on them early on. It’s also good to have a balance of major classes and GE classes. 
  3. Sign up for that fun class you had an eye on—maybe you transferred to your specific school because there was a particular seminar you were eyeing. Or you wanted to take an elective, like ballroom dancing, at your previous school. Don’t let transferring stop you from doing the things you wanted to do previously!


Tip: Check sites like for reviews on your professors and classes! Sites like your school’s subreddit and College Confidential forum may also shed some insights on what GE’s students like to take, which professors have particularly inspired students, etc.

You’ll most likely be taking the same amount, or more units than you did at your previous school. That’s just the nature of how transferring works—since you may lose units, you may need to take more units to make up for it. Make sure you know the workload you are signing up for so you don’t overload yourself.

In your second quarter/semester, make sure you’re on track to complete your major and GE requirements by your expected graduation date. Meet with your adviser if necessary to ensure that you’re taking the right classes you need to graduate.

As always, if you have tips regarding classes, signing up for them, or what to take, comment below!

– Michelle L.