Quick, Easy, Dorm-Friendly Microwave Recipes

Now that we’re several weeks into the semester, you’re probably starting to get tired of the same old dorm food (especially if you’re a picky eater like I am). French fries at dinner, hash browns for breakfast, and mashed potatoes during lunch. Break up the routine by cooking up some of your own food, in your microwave, with these simple recipes!

(Featured photo from tbsp.)

Baked potatoes: I’m a big fan of potatoes, and I definitely can’t wait to try this recipe!

Cheesy broccoli rice bowl: This one looks delicious and includes your daily dose of veggies!

DIY popcorn: This recipe is super easy, healthier than store-bought microwave popcorn, and can be seasoned exactly how you want!
French Toast in a Mug 8

French toast in a mug: No matter what time of day, if you’re craving breakfast food, you can whip this up in a jiffy!

Macaroni and cheese: Ran out of your personal Easy-Mac cups? Now you can still enjoy cheesy mac and cheese in your room! Try (and fall in love with) this microwave macaroni and cheese recipe:

Minute cheesecake: Because who doesn’t love cheesecake that can be made in just a few minutes!?

Monkey bread: Having friends over? Consider surprising them with this delicious dessert!


Nachos: Throw these together when you’re looking for a filling snack!

Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars: Pass on the over-priced granola bars in the campus store and make them instead!

Pizza quesadilla: A quick, easy, eat-while-you-walk snack!

Potato chips: Have the munchies? Cook up some potato chips without the deep fryer!


Scrambled eggs: Eat your protein before running out the door in the morning with these quick eggs.

Steamed vegetables: Eat your veggies (and make your mom happy) with this simple recipe!

Do you have a favorite dorm-friendly recipe? Comment below!

– Sarah C.