Top 3 Schools to Transfer to in California

With the deadlines for most transfer applications nearing, you might be wondering if you should transfer, regardless of whether you are from a community college or 4-year university. Alena has written an article highlighting 3 schools to consider as a transfer student. I’d like to talk about 3 more schools, and give a little love to some schools on the West Coast, specifically in California.


There’s a reason—according to school responses to the Common Data Set questionnaire in this Washington Post article, California schools top the list in universities transfer students choose to enroll in. Clearly, there’s a reason why so many students choose to come to California to continue their studies. Below, we’ll highlight 3 schools from California and provide some information to help you decide if you want to explore them further:

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University of California, Los Angeles

New transfer students in Fall 2014: 3,167

Admit rate for transfers: 25%

Transfer profile: Link

UCLA offers so many resources for its transfer students. Not only does it have a Transfer Student Program, which connects transfer students to the UCLA community, they have a Transfer Student Center, Transfer Student Residence Hall, and have multitudes of programs dedicated to transfer students. We especially like the Transfer Experience program in residential life because they understand that transfer students have different needs than first-year students. Participating in these gives you the first-year experience, yet offers the sort of independence that experienced students would like.

Image result for uc berkeleyUniversity of California, Berkeley

New transfer students in Fall 2014: 2,187

Admit rate for transfers: 24%

Transfer profile: Link

Located in Northern California, UC Berkeley is also part of the UC family and offers similar services.  Their Transfer Student Center is part of the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence, which highlights their dedication to helping transfer and non-traditional students excel at UC Berkeley. We especially like TransferVision, which aims to bring informative videos to transfer students. Programs like the Starting Point Mentorship Program and Transfer Alliance Project help transfer students quickly adapt to their new environment and find support and guidance.

Image result for uscUniversity of Southern California

New transfer students in Fall 2014: 1,435

Admit rate for transfers: 29%

Transfer profile: Link

Just across the pond from UCLA is USC, a private institution in Los Angeles. USC has recently started ramping up its resources for transfers, offering transfer panels and events specifically for transfers during orientation. USC does not have transfer-specific residential halls, but they do have transfer-specific programs such as the Transfer International Experience in the Marshall School of Business, which takes transfer students abroad to gain a global focus of the world.

Note that there are other amazing schools that accept transfer students in California. Other UC’s, like UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, and UC San Diego also top the list. You can find more information about any of these schools by simple googling the school name with phrases like ‘transfer admission program’ or ‘transfer admission rate’.

If you have any questions about transferring to schools in California, comment below or send a personal question to us!

– Michelle L.