5 Tips for Finals Week

It’s December, and that means finals are just around the corner for many of us. It doesn’t have to be a time full of misery though—lots of universities offer events, resources, and food for students during finals week.

For us transfers, there might be some perks that you may not be aware of at your new school. I wanted to share some that might be available to you:

TW - Finals Week.png

1. Free “things”: In public study spaces, a lot of schools will put out tea and coffee for students who need a pick-me-up while studying. This might be at your school’s library or student resource center.

There also may be set times where food, such as bagels or cookies. will be given out. Take advantage of these free snacks!

Other free items to grab might be test materials like blue books or scantrons. For those of you who don’t know what this means, some schools require students to buy these materials for finals. Take advantage of them being offered for free!

2. Therapy dogs: A lot of schools partner with organizations to provide an opportunity for students to interact with therapy dogs. This is a fantastic study break because you can stop by for as long or as brief as you want and pet some animals! My school has therapy dogs stop by throughout the semester and it is always a highlight of many students’ days.

3. Midnight scream/yell: I personally have never experienced this, but some schools have a tradition where students take a break from studying to just let all their frustrations out for a few minutes.

4. Longer open hours: Can’t find any study space on campus? Check to see if some buildings are open longer during during dead week and finals week! For example, at USC some libraries are open for longer hours, and certain buildings are open for 24 hours! Just come early in the day to snatch up the open spots, as empty rooms go quickly.

5. De-stress events hosted by organizations. Check to see if campus clubs are offering events related to finals week. This might include study sessions, volunteer activity as a break, or even goodie bags to get you through the week. If your school has a club/association for transfer students, check to see if they’re offering anything for finals week as well!

If you want to explore these further, all you have to do is some poking around on your university’s social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Specifically, google the tip and your school name, and see what pops up! For more recent and timely updates, like and follow your school on their respective platforms—lots of amazing resources are usually only posted a few days in advance.


Good luck with your finals, and be sure to take a break! Let us know if you have any more tips for finals week in the comments below.

– Michelle L.