10 Reasons I Love My Online Program

As you may know, I transferred into Temple University’s Online BBA Program this fall to complete my Bachelor’s degree. I had taken online classes before, but wasn’t sure whether or not a program offered completely online would be a good fit for me. Thankfully, I’m enjoying it so far, and here are some reasons why:


  1. Flexibility: For the most part, my schedule is in my hands. I can easily work around my obligations for class, and complete my work on my own time.
  2. No early morning classes: It’s not uncommon to have 8:00 am classes as a first-semester transfer student. However, because all of my online classes meet in the evening, I’m not forced to get up for class!
  3. Older students: Several of the students in my classes are non-traditional, older students. I’m also older than the majority of college students, so I enjoy being with older students who really want to learn.
  4. Limited interaction: As bad as this may sound, it’s actually nice not needing to interact with some college students. Online classrooms allow me to be “in class” with students that might otherwise be distracting. For example, if a student talks during an in-person class, it’s harder to learn. On the other hand, during our online classes, students are muted unless they unmute themselves to participate in the discussion. Being separated from the “party scene” on campus is nice too.
  5. Bang it out: I enjoy being able to complete my class work from home, and I think it’s easier to get it done this way. This leads me to my next point:
  6. No commute: Not commuting to campus saves me money and time. Instead of paying for gas or public transit, I can keep that money in my pocket. (I’ve been using my extra time to get more sleep, shh.)
  7. Health: By not exposing myself to germs on campus and by getting more sleep than normal, I hope to have a healthy winter.
  8. Working out before class: Getting a good workout in before class is no longer a hassle because honestly, no one will know you didn’t shower after working out.
  9. Location: As long as I have a computer and internet access, I can complete my assignments and attend class through a video call from anywhere. This is a pretty cool reality. (To learn more about the technicalities of an online program, read this article.)
  10. Pajama pants: Because what they can’t see won’t hurt them.

Note: Despite what you may think, you will build a connection with your professors, and vice versa, in your online program (assuming you interact during class and/or reach out to them).

Remember, in order to be successful in any online class, time-management skills and self-determination are necessary. Make sure you’re able to manage your time and get the required assignments completed before you sign up for an online class or program.

To learn how my online program works, view this blog post.

Comment below if you have questions, and I’ll be happy to help!

– Sarah C.