New Year’s Resolutions for Transfer Students


The holidays are here, and that means a brief respite from nonstop classes and exams. It’s also a moment of reflection—whether you are a new transfer student or in your last year at your school, you can think back to all that has happened to you over the past quarter or semester. What were your successes? Failures? How can you capitalize on what you have learned to do better next year, both personally, academically, and professionally?

Fortunately, this is the perfect time to make some resolutions for next year. Here are some resolutions you can consider adding to your list:

  1. Conquering a fear. A lot of people may be nervous speaking up in class, giving a presentation, or even going to office hours. Others might be scared of asking for help after doing poorly on a test. If you have one of these fears, make it your resolution. Oftentimes it’s better not to think of conquering something as huge as “be more outgoing in class”, but to set small goals such as “participate in class discussions 3 times this week”. Smaller goals are more achievable and can help give you that extra push to take action!

  2. Join a club. It’s difficult to meet people as a transfer student. Maybe you commute, or you’re focused on getting a good GPA this semester that you’ve neglected reaching out to others. Use this break to look up a list of clubs and organizations that your school offers on campus! Keep an eye out for these clubs at your school’s Involvement Fair. Then, set small, concrete goals such as “go to the club’s general meeting” or “talk to 3 people at the Involvement Fair”. Use your surroundings to motivate yourself—see if the meeting offers free foods or is raffling off prizes.

  3. Get better grades. Think back to what stopped you this semester from getting the GPA that you wanted. Was it procrastination? Difficult material? A mixture of both? Once you’ve identified the problem, you can take steps to motivate yourself and keep yourself accountable. Go to office hours, make a schedule, and ask to study with people in your class!

  4. Fix up your resume. As a transfer, you’re no longer a freshman and have to focus on what you want to do beyond school. Whether this means applying for an internship or a job, it’s important to make sure your resume is updated. For example, if you have information on your resume from high school, take it off and replace it with college material. Speak to your adviser for specific guidance regarding your resume.

  5. In the same line of thought, practice interview skills! As you apply for these jobs and internships, you’ll be having a multitude of interviews, from in-person to video to phone calls. Be prepared to face all of these commitments with a head start and the confidence to know that you will do well.

Congratulations on the end of another fall session. Take advantage of these resolutions to start next year on a good note! If you have other resolution ideas or want to share your own, comment below.

– Michelle L.