How To: Prepare for the Upcoming Semester

One key component to success during the semester is starting off strong, and one of the best ways to do that is to prepare for your classes ahead of time. Doing so will enable you to put all of your focus on your classes, rather than being distracted by things that you could have done before the semester started. If you complete these items before your classes begin, you’ll be on your way to achieving that “A”!

Obtain textbooks: If you want to get a head start on the semester, order your books before the semester starts. Finding cheap textbooks is a time-consuming task that can be completed before the semester starts. Save money on your textbooks with these tips!

Know your class schedule: Print or write down your class schedule so that you don’t miss class and can avoid double-booking your schedule. Including the room number and teacher’s name can be helpful too.

Set-up your work schedule: If you work part-time and have the flexibility to set your own work hours, do so before the semester starts. Using your class schedule, create a regular work schedule so that your supervisor knows when to expect you. This way, you won’t need to spend time contacting your supervisor unless there’s a change.

If your life gets crazy at times (who’s doesn’t?), consider investing in a planner. It will give you an organized place to keep track of all of your obligations and assignments. If you haven’t used a planner before, it’s definitely worth trying!

Get stuff done: Are there items on your to-do list from last semester? Things you want to get done but haven’t had the time? Now’s the time to buckle down and complete them, because we all know you’ll be busier after classes start back up!

Bonus tip! Work hard from day one: As soon as the semester begins, it’s grind time! Take advantage of the fact that classes start out relatively easy; before your classes get progressively more difficult, do your best on the “easy” assignments and participate in class. Doing so will give your grade a boost, and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself for it later!

I hope these tips help you succeed and I wish you the best of luck this coming semester!

– Sarah C.