Highlights for Spring

Whether you’re a new transfer student or have already been at your new school for awhile already, you know that there are a ton of things to explore and take part in at your school. Spring semester is no different, with so many things going on—a new set of classes, club events, recruiting, new hours at work, and even orientation events if your school admits spring transfers. You might even be one of them!

With all of these happening, I wanted to highlight some of the usual events that occur during the spring semester so you don’t miss any:

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Work-study fair: This fair usually occurs at the beginning of the semester, or even before the semester has begun. If you have federal work-study aid, then this is the perfect place for you to find a job on campus. I can’t say enough good things about having a work-study job—you’re on campus, so it’s convenient to work, and oftentimes you can form great relationships with the department or co-workers you’re working with. They also understand that you are a student first, so they’re usually flexible and willing to accommodate your schedule.

Involvement fair: This usually occurs during the first week of the semester. Clubs will oftentimes be tabling in a certain area, whether it be your school’s courtyard or at a specific building on campus. This is a great time to learn more about what clubs might interest you, as well as meet the people you’ll be interacting with if you choose to join! A lot of clubs offer free food and other perks during meetings or for members, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Career fair: This usually occurs a month into the semester. Similar to the other two fairs, companies will be tabling. If you need tips on how to present yourself professionally, check out our article here. Research what companies will be there ahead of time, and come prepared with your elevator pitch, resume, and the proper attire.

Spring rush: If you’re interested in Greek life or even professional fraternities, a lot of these organizations will be recruiting at the beginning of the semester. Make sure you go to these events.

Study abroad: If you’re interested in studying abroad in the fall, you should apply during the spring semester. Make sure you go to the info sessions and follow the requirements to successfully apply! Start early so you can collect all necessary materials in time, including recommendations and transcripts.

Workshops: A lot of schools’ Career Services offer workshops on a range of topics, such as networking, building your resume, or nailing an interview. As you’re searching for an internship or job, check out some of these free workshops to gain some experience before the real thing.

Free classes: Some schools might offer free classes at your school’s gym. For example, mine offers two weeks of free classes so you can try out whatever classes you might be interested in before you need to pay the fee.

Check your school’s calendar to find these events and more. You can usually do this by looking up your school name and the event you’re looking for. For example:

[school name] + career fair

Events aren’t limited to the ones I’ve listed above—I’ve seen films, art exhibits, lectures, and performances. Check social media for events happening at your school, such as general meetings for clubs or a free a cappella concert from talented groups on campus. After all, this is an amazing way to make the most of your time at your school.

If you know of other common events that happen during the semester, comment below!

-Michelle L.