I Regret Transferring to Temple University

Warning: This post is not meant to bash Temple University in any way. If I’m being completely honest, it simply isn’t the best fit for me personally.

You’re probably thinking “Woah, that’s a hefty title!” Well, transferring from a small two-year college to a ridiculously large university with 38,000 times the students was quite a hefty change!

“Then why make such a hefty change?” you may ask. One word: finances.

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The cost of my education was much cheaper at Temple University than it would have been if I had gone to another business school. For the cost and the prestige of the Fox School of Business at Temple University, it was the best bang for my buck compared to other schools in the area. However, even though I was (and still am) saving money on my education, emotionally I have not been thriving.

Going from such a small two-year college (Manor College) to such a large school has not been beneficial for me in multiple ways:

  • I feel lost and on my own 99% of the time. Granted, my introvert personality may not be helping, but I didn’t feel this way at Manor College. Temple has made me feel like I am constantly lost in the shuffle and just a number in their records.
  • There’s so much going on that it’s overwhelming. Therefore, I just don’t do anything. I go to work, go to class, and do my own thing with my group of friends from church. I remember being so involved at Manor College, which gave me a rush that I loved and craved more of. All of the activities and organizations at Temple University are too much for me to sort through. However, if I’m being completely honest here, a part of the reason why I’m not getting involved at Temple University is because I literally wouldn’t have time for it even if I wanted to. So Temple University isn’t all to blame here.
  • The lack of attention from professors and staff at Temple University makes me feel like there’s room for me to slack off here. No one is speaking with you every day and following up with you on your progress. Granted, I am an adult and should motivate myself, but without a strong academic support system it doesn’t feel as mandatory as it used to be.

Long story short, the education at Temple University is phenomenal if you put every ounce of effort you have into studying. However, because I personally thrive better in small environments than large environments, I oftentimes have moments of regret in regards to transferring to Temple University.

Do you have a school that you transferred into and regretted? If so, how have you pushed through or did you end up transferring to another school despite tuition being higher?

– Alena Y.

Picture from Temple Town Realty.

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