3 Things To Do While Waiting for a Decision

Although it’s been almost two years since I’ve transferred, I remember the feeling of waiting for a transfer admission decision. Since you’ve sent in your essays and information, all you can do is wait. It’s difficult, especially because you just want to hear back. Here are three things you can do while waiting for a decision:


1. Spend time on your hobbies/interests. You might have put a lot of time into applying in the months or weeks leading up to the transfer application deadline. There might have been long nights, lots of reaching out to your professors for recommendations, or time spent visiting prospective schools.

With this load off your shoulders, spend time rewarding yourself by doing what you love! This might include launching an entrepreneurial idea you have, taking time to go to the gym, or even just spending a day at the beach. For me personally, once I had finished my application, I was able to take time to watch a lot of movies on my to-watch list.

2. Talk to other prospective transfer students. The worst part of waiting is waiting by yourself. Maybe you’re at a community college and you know others who have applied to transfer with you. Reach out and keep each other updated on the situation, especially if the college is asking for information or starting to send out decisions! Regardless of the information, remember to be respectful to other applicants.

Another way to meet prospective transfer students is online. You can find your prospective students on College Confidential, for example, or your new school’s subreddit.

3. Make the most of your current school. This is a huge one for me. Once I had sent in my application, I pushed it out of my mind because I wanted to enjoy the school I was at. My attitude towards my old school shifted towards the better as I made new friends, went to amazing events, and had a lot of new experiences. When decisions rolled out, I knew that no matter what it said, I would be happy staying at my old school. I think the mistake that many applicants make is that they’re so ready to leave their past behind. Make the most of your present and take advantage of all the events, clubs, and opportunities on campus, so you know you’ve given your all no matter what the outcome of your application is.

Good luck to all those still waiting for a decision! Don’t forget to take time to enjoy your time at school and to reward yourself for all your hard work thus far. Keep us updated in the comments if you have any other alternative ways to stay busy, or whether you hear back about a decision!

– Michelle L.