Transfer Credits: Manor College to Moravian College

After graduating from Manor College I immediately transferred to Moravian College. Moravian did a great job recruiting me as a transfer student, and quickly sent me my credit evaluation.

Luckily all of my courses transferred, but over half of my classes transferred as electives. Therefore, take note that even if your admissions counselor says, “All of your courses will transfer,” your credit transferring problems are probably not over! Make sure you know how to petition for credit. As a transfer student, electives don’t help much when transferring; it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll have more electives than you know what to do with after transferring.

Below is my transcript evaluation from Moravian, evaluated on June 29, 2015:

Manor College Course Moravian Equivalent
Financial Accounting ACCT 157
Managerial Accounting Elective
Science of Nutrition Elective
Intro to Microcomputer Applications Elective
Macroeconomics Elective
Microeconomics ECON152 *
Fundamentals of Composition I WRIT100 *
Fundamentals of Composition II Elective
Culture, Race & Ethnicity in America Elective
Statistics I Math107 *
Business Communications Elective
Human Resources Management MGMT253
Introduction to Business Elective
Legal Environment of Business MGMT226
Principles of Marketing MGMT251
Organizational Behavior MGMT223
Principles of Management Elective
Sales Strategies Elective
Philosophy and the Human Condition Ultimate *
Comparative Religions in America Elective

* Satisfies a LinC requirement

LinC is Moravian’s equivalent to general education requirements. Of the 20 classes I transferred in, four satisfied LinC requirements, eight transferred as similar courses, and eleven transferred as electives. None of the classes that transferred as electives satisfied the LinC requirements (meaning I still had to take classes such as Spanish 1 to fulfill Gen. Ed. requirements).

It should be noted that Moravian’s course units are set up differently than most schools. Therefore, even though each class I took at Manor was worth 3 credits, each transferred in worth .75 credits.

Based on this information, you might assume it would take longer than two years to graduate. However, I was told that I would be able to graduate in two years. (I transferred out of Moravian before the two years were up, so I can only assume they were right. I did discover, however, that transfer students must be enrolled at Moravian for four full semesters, so there’s really no benefit in taking summer classes because they won’t allow you to graduate earlier.)

If you’re transferring out of Manor or into Moravian, I hope this posts helps you understand how your courses may transfer! If you’re a counselor or professional, I hope this sheds light on issues regarding losing credits and retaking courses.

– Sarah C.

Disclaimer: Courses change overtime at both schools in the transfer process; another student’s classes may not transfer the same way. This credit evaluation should only be used as a guide.

Picture from The Odyssey Online.