6 Reasons Good Grades are Worth it

Are good grades really worth the blood, sweat and tears that so often come with school work? Maybe you read Alena’s post explaining why school isn’t that important, maybe you’re feeling burnt out, or maybe you have a case of senioritis (guilty!). Whatever the reason, you aren’t done yet, and it’s important to finish strong! Here are 6 reasons good grades are important:

Transferring: If you’re considering transferring, good grades are necessary. Not only can good grades grant you admission, they often result in merit scholarships that can largely reduce the school’s price tag. Note: Your physical grades won’t transfer (classes only transfer as credit or no-credit), but colleges usually don’t award any credit for courses in which you earned less than a C-.

Grad school: Looking to continue your education post-college? Grad schools will probably want your college transcripts, and/or you’ll need to take tests to show what you know. It makes more sense to learn the test material in your college classes (that you’re paying thousands of dollars for) than trying to learn the material on your own later.

Employment: There are conflicting opinions about whether or not to include your GPA on your resume, and it seems as if there’s a 50/50 chance whether or not they’ll ask for your GPA during an interview. You may need a good GPA for those instances, or for certain jobs, but I think the next reason is more universal:

Confidence: Knowing that you gave your all in the classroom can really boost your self-confidence during interviews and on the job. Even if you don’t remember every textbook definition, it’s nice knowing you’re well-versed in the book-side of your job. (Internships are still incredibly important!)

Less stress: I hope you haven’t felt stressed about whether or not you’d pass a class; honestly, the only way to avoid this is to work hard throughout the semester and learn as much as you can. (Check out our tips to succeed during the upcoming semester.) Getting good grades during the semester will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with finals week because although one test may pull your average down, it shouldn’t pull it so far that you fail.

Sense of accomplishment: I hope you’ve had the privilege of passing at least one class with an A and felt accomplished! Getting an A (or whatever grade you’re aiming for) makes all of the hard work you put into a class worth it. Keep working hard now and be proud later!

Even though your grades won’t make or break you, there are benefits of having good grades.

I hope this post helps you buckle down and focus on your grades!

– Sarah C.