Why Summer is a Time for Rejuvenation

When I was in high school I got a really great summer job. It paid well, was mildly satisfying, my coworkers were fun, and one of my good friends was working there as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the summer but when school came around in the fall I realized that perhaps that job hadn’t been the best summer job for me.

When I started the school year, it felt as though I’d never had a summer break. I was pushing through my school work as though it were thick as honey. I never got the chance to rejuvenate over the summer and that following school year felt much longer and more difficult than usual. This is why I vow to lighten my load over the summer BREAK. Here are my tips for the summer break:

Rejuvenate: As hardworking students who lose sleep, build up stress, and give up quality time to do work all through the school year, we need summer time to rejuvenate physically and mentally. For me, summer is the main time to do this; I make it through the school year fine as long as I have 3 months of rejuvenation every year.

Do what you love: This doesn’t mean that we should lie on a beach the whole summer drinking iced beverages, however. We just need to use the summer vacation to feel like we’ve gotten a vacation. This means doing the things that you love to do and the things that revitalize you. For me, that means spending time outside gardening for work, rather than sitting indoors at that originally-appealing desk job. Don’t just take the first job that you find; find something you love.

Improve yourself: Even if youโ€™re not taking summer classes, summer can still be a time of learning. Pick something you’re passionate about that you can’t or don’t learn at school. For example, read books that seem interesting to you, experiment with cooking or art, begin learning a new language, learn to ride a unicycle or play a new sport or instrument. The possibilities are endless. Just pick topics and hobbies that intrigue you and explore!

Use your break from the school year wisely to make the coming year more prosperous and enjoyable.

– Laura C.

14940071_10154696671029176_1434344489473944394_oLaura is a rising college senior from the Philadelphia suburbs who is pursuing a biology degree. She enjoys learning languages, exploring the outdoors, and reading her microbiology textbook. She also loves traveling, as long as vegetarian food is accessible.