My Story: Going to College after Being Homeschooled

As a homeschooled high school student, I was so excited to go to college! No, I wasn’t a wierdo when I moved onto college. At least I didn’t think so…

Why did I choose to be homeschooled?

I started ninth grade in a public school and went to school for about two months of tenth grade. While attending high school, I literally had homework to last me a lifetime. When I got home from school, the only thing I had time for was for homework. Sometimes I didn’t even have enough time to finish all my homework for the night!

Well, let me tell you one thing kids: College doesn’t even give you that amount of work! (Unless you’re a med student, that’s probably different.) Therefore, I decided to be homeschooled.

Now here’s a little something about the way I was homeschooled. It wasn’t one of those programs where I had a teacher that taught me one on one, and it wasn’t my mother who taught me. The way the program I signed up for worked was I had textbooks sent to me, I had to read them, and then take exams. I ended up graduating high school a year earlier than my classmates in high school and definitely found the experience rewarding because it taught me a lot about self-discipline and motivating myself.

You’re probably thinking I had no social life since I was homeschooled. Well, you’re right. I did have a circle of friends at church, but it was definitely a small circle. However, being the introvert that I am, I actually didn’t mind it. Despite this, I was so excited to get back to a “normal” life of going to school and starting college. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was so active in anything I could get my hands on during my first two years at Manor College.

Furthermore, I completely went out of my little shell and put myself out there by talking to students and joining extracurricular activities. My schedule was pretty packed, but to me it was exciting! The fact that Manor College had so many friendly staff was also helpful! I remember being excited to come to school every day.

Once I transferred into a four year university, this was definitely not the case. I joined absolutely zero extra curricular activities. I think this was for several reasons:

  • I was exhausted! Being involved in so much was tiresome and definitely drained me eventually. Yes, it was super exciting, but I wanted peace in my life again!
  • I was busier. After the two year college, I decided to work full time because I needed to survive on my own financially. This did not allow for any time for extracurricular activities.
  • I just didn’t care anymore. Truth be told, I was a bit hurt by all the universities that didn’t really reward me for the extra activities I took on and for the fact that I graduated valedictorian of my class. Therefore, I had no reason to really get involved so much again.

I’ve basically gone from one extreme to another and back from high school to now. I have learned a lot and it has shaped the  plans I’m building for my future. As I reflect on all of this now, I couldn’t be more grateful for my life and how everything has turned out. Learning in both the easy ways and hard ways is certainly rewarding no matter what path a student takes.

– Alena V.