5 Things to Consider if You’re Transferring in January

Whether you decided you want to transfer colleges mid-year because you don’t like the current college you’re attending or because that’s how your timeline worked out, below are five things you consider for a smoother college transferring experience in January.

  1. Be realistic: Starting a new college in January is always a bit more weird than starting a new college in August or September. January is not the “normal” time to start at a new college since the academic year begins in September. Therefore, go into the process with this in mind. Additionally, if you started a college in September and now want to transfer into another college in January, you won’t have much of an academic record/profile. Therefore, your transfer experience may not be as simple as it could be if you were transferring after spending a longer period of time in college.
  2. List out your pros and cons of the current college you attend: This is going to help you find a college that you will enjoy more than your current college. However, no school is absolutely perfect, so you may need to let go of some pros in order to replace some cons with other pros.
  3. Think about the credit transferring process: This is one annoying downside to transferring, no matter when or why you transfer. Every college is different and some credits may need to be redone once you transfer. Think about which classes are important to you and which classes you don’t mind redoing. Once you have decided on that, you can narrow your search down to which colleges accept (what you think are) your more important credits.
  4. Financial aid: Something to keep in mind when transferring is your financial aid. If you started attending college straight out of high school and received a scholarship or grant, you want to think about whether that scholarship/grant will transfer with you or not. In most cases, you don’t get as much scholarships/grants when you transfer as you did when you went into college straight out of high school.
  5. Friends: If you’re an introvert like me, you probably won’t mind not seeing anyone from your current college anymore. However, if you did make friends, transferring will be a little harder for you depending on where you are transferring to! Once you transfer, you’ll basically need to start from the beginning in the friendship department.

If you decided you want to transfer colleges in the middle of the academic year, we wish you all the best! Let us know how your experience is going in the comments below! We’d love to hear your story!

– Alena V.