Holiday Gift Guide: For Mentors

We all have mentors, professors, or bosses that have inspired, motivated, and encouraged us to excel this year. As the holidays approach, here are some gift ideas for the role models in your life:

  • A collectable item from a favorite movie/book: You might have had a lot of conversations about a particular movie or book that you both enjoy or have seen recently. Maybe you guys are both huge Star Wars fans or love Pixar. You can get them a poster to hang in their office, an action figure to place on their desk, or a picture of a quote from the movie or show. Best of all, you’ll know whether it’s a good present or not because you also enjoy the same thing!
  • Something for the kids: If your mentor has kids, consider getting a present for the kids. This works well if you know your mentor’s family. If they’re into sports, you can get them a jersey or a baseball cap, for example, or maybe a book, DIY set, or a puzzle that the family can enjoy together.A1IHXs4zEGL._SL1500_
  • Tea set: Matcha is super “in” this season! How thoughtful would it be to get your professor or boss their own tea set? You can find them on Amazon for super affordable prices, and Matcha Powder is also very accessible. Matcha green tea has so many health benefits, including boosting metabolism and detoxifying the body, so it’s a thoughtful gift to give in this time of the year when everyone has been pushing to get work done before the holidays. This also works for coffee lovers, since caffeine is a natural component of matcha.
  • Something to travel with: Travelling is a huge part of many people’s holidays—you can make the logistics a little bit easier with some simple gifts! This can include packing cubes, a travel wallet, a neck pillow, waterproof speakers or phone pouches, or even face masks for the dry air on long flights. These gifts are usually cheap and can be found anywhere, and for a just a little effort can go a long way in adding value to someone’s vacation.
  • A heartfelt card: If nothing else, a heartfelt card can do the trick just as well as a gift. I’ve seen a lot of people hang cards on the wall or display them on their desk, so you know that these are appreciated and recognized. Make sure you thank them for everything they have done for you this year. Handwriting the note can add a personal touch and emphasize the gratitude you feel.

Hopefully these helped spark some gift ideas for you to give your own role models. If you’re not sure what to get your peers, check out our article here. Let us know if you have any more gift ideas for mentors in the comments below!

– Michelle L.