5 Tips for Your First Week Back to School

It’s back to school for all of us, and that means getting used to a new schedule, classes, and professors. In the midst of starting a new school year, it’s easy to forget some essential things you should do to start off your year on a good note:

1. Print your syllabi and put it on a calendar

Start your quarter or semester off organized and ready to go! Print out your syllabus for each class and keep them in a folder or area where you can access them throughout the next few months. Read through them and highlight them for any important information, such as the course grade breakdown. You might find the professor has also included requirements that he or she may not mention in class. This happened to me and my classmates last semester when we were required to post responses to our discussions on an online blog—this was never mentioned to us in class.

2. Check out your school’s Involvement Fair

Don’t let your classes keep you from checking out new clubs and organizations! Your school probably has a club fair during the first week back. Take advantage of all the clubs’ tables and use this as motivation to check out that club you’ve always wanted to join. Even if you don’t have time this semester, you can get on their mailing list and keep them in mind for when your time opens up again.

3. Look for housing for next year

A lot of students start looking for housing next year this early on, especially if they’re looking for non-University housing. Make sure you know who you’re living with early on so there is no miscommunication on whether they are living with you, and take time to ask around about where the best places to live are. If you have time, walk around the popular streets where students live and call/ask for tours of apartments.

4. Start working on internship/job applications

It’s never too early to be thinking about your future—if you’re recruiting this season, make sure your resume and LinkedIn are ready. Since career fairs happen a little later on in the quarter and semester, you also have time to research companies that you will want to learn more about.

5. Check out free events/take advantage of free food

A new year means lots of new events with free food! Stay connected on social media with your school’s various organizations to get the latest scoop on which clubs are hosting free events or offering free food. You might have to stay for a presentation or two, but this way you’re killing two birds with one stone (see number 2). Don’t be afraid to meet people or bring a friend along!

I hope you enjoy your time back, and take advantage of these tips to have a great first week! Let us know if you have more advice below.

– Michelle L.