3 Ways to Take Advantage of On-Campus Living

Recently, Sarah gave her take on different college types, and pointed out that she preferred commuting to campus because of the money she saved and because she liked living at home. In my college experience, I’ve only lived on campus or nearby (within walking/biking distance) and I think there are a lot of pros of living so close by. Some of these include:

  • Accessibility to study spaces on campus: Even if you live in a loud dorm, or your apartment likes throwing parties, because you live so close to campus you can easily leave and study at nearby coffee spaces, the library, or empty classrooms. Furthermore, this forces you to leave your room and experience new environments, giving you an opportunity to refresh your mind.
  • Flexible meeting hours: If you’re a full-time student in a group project with other full-time students, it can be difficult to find time to meet during the day. If you live close by with other students who live on-campus, you can easily meet at a lounge or study room near the residential areas at nighttime hours.
  • More time: Because you don’t have to spend time in traffic or in your car, you have more time for yourself. You can use this time to take fun classes or even schedule in a regular work out during your day. Your body will thank you after!

Here are three ways to take advantage of living on campus:

  1. Late night programming: A lot of schools will offer events and programs during the night that you can participate in, such as a board games night or a nighttime hike. If you’re on campus, you might as well take advantage of these events and meet new people who can make your time on campus more enjoyable.
  2. Free food: There are a lot of free food events offered by your school, so take advantage of them! Furthermore, if you live near a college town or have restaurants near your school, a lot of these places will sell food at a discounted price during the night. If you want some cheap food, definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Even better, a lot of these places have discounts for local colleges if you show your student ID.
  3. Explore your campus/surrounding city: If you’ve got a good handle on your academics, work, and social life, there’s still so much more you can do. Get a group of friends and explore your campus and your city! A lot of museums give free access to college students on certain days, for example, which you should definitely take advantage of.

If you make the most of it, your time living on-campus can be one of your most productive and fruitful years. I hope you find these tips useful in taking advantage of your time in college. Leave a comment if you have any questions or additional tips!

– Michelle L.