How to Pull Yourself Together After a Long Night

Whether you are out partying or staying up studying, you’re bound to have a late night (if not an all-nighter) when you’re a student. I thought I’d provide you with a few tips on how to pull yourself together and look a bit more presentable after a long night.

  1. You need to shower! Even if you just wash your hair and rinse your body, you need to get yourself under a stream of water! It will not only freshen you up, but also will you feel more awake. It’s basically a proven way to wake yourself up. Don’t get lazy by just washing your face under the sink faucet, get your ENTIRE body wet!
  2. Get that cup of caffeine. You know you need it, so don’t waste any energy resisting the urge. I’d recommend having an espresso since it is stronger than a cup of coffee, but I totally understand that espressos aren’t for everyone.
  3. Girl, put that makeup on! I know that’s the last thing you feel like doing, but it will help you feel prettier. In turn, you will then feel more productive and less lazy! Plus, you’d hate to ruin a nice face of makeup by taking a nap and wiping it all on your pillow, right?! At that point, might as well do your hair as well and decrease your chances of laying on a pillow and messing up that ‘do!
  4. Get that second cup of caffeine. After all that effort into your look, I’m sure you need it at this point.
  5. Don’t put those comfy and cozy yoga pants/sweats on! I know it’s tempting, but you don’t want to be too comfortable when you are exhausted. If you’re comfortable, you’ll be more likely to find a quiet corner to curl up and nap in.

Hope these tips help you tackle your day and get more studying done while also squeezing in some fun!

– Alena V.