NETA Conference Recap

NETA Presentation

For those of you who haven’t heard, Isla and I presented (remotely) at the New England Transfer Association Annual Conference on Wednesday, April 25. We felt honored to be asked to share our experiences and thoughts on the transfer pipeline with higher education professionals.

Isla and I discussed our blog posts titled, The REAL Transfer Student FAQ’s, My Story: The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, and Transfer Admissions Proposals. After doing so, the attendees asked us a few questions, including the following:

What transfer-specific college events do you think transfer students need?

In general, we want events offered in the beginning of the semester and in the first few weeks of classes. These events will help us meet other transfer students, bond with them, and make friends (that might actually be our age!).

More specifically, events such as a transfer orientation, team building exercises, and speed “dating” would help us get to know the other transfers. Having transfer students that are already established at the institution attend these events would make the events even more helpful.

As transfer students, would you be interested in blog posts written by current transfer students at a prospective institution?

Since I had such a difficult time finding transfer-specific information when I was transferring, I would have taken any information I could find. That being said, blog posts that cover information specific to a college I’m considering, such as transferring credits, would have been very helpful, even if all of my other questions were answered on a transfer-specific section on the website. Additionally, having students blog about how their credits transferred would be a lot simpler than implementing a full transfer equivalency tool on the institution’s website.

Can we add a link to your blog on our college websites?

Of course—let’s collaborate with the goal of graduation!

Transfer students: What type of events would have helped you get situated at your new college?

Professionals: Do you have a question for us?

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– Sarah C.