Master List of Blog Posts

This is the complete list of blog posts published on Transfer Ways.

Transfer Ways’ blog covers the different ways to be successful in college. Blog posts are written by real transfer students with their own views and opinions that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Transfer Ways. As a reader, we encourage you to select the best methods and tips that guide you to be successful.

Gap Years

5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

Cons of Taking a Gap Year

What You Need To Do During Your Gap Year

Why it’s Okay to Take a Gap Year

Guest Bloggers

6 Moving Hacks That Will Help You Relocate On The Cheap

A Grateful Guest

All But Three

How a Leave of Absence can Help you

Multitasking as a Non-Traditional Student

Transfer Advice: A Professor’s Viewpoint, Part I

Transfer Advice: A Professor’s Viewpoint, Part II

Transferring in 1994

Why Summer is a Time for Rejuvenation


3 Easy Ways to Find Housing

3 Ways to Get Ahead this Summer

3 Ways to Present Yourself Professionally

5 Tips to a Successful Transfer Orientation

5 Ways to Research a University

5 Ways to Stay Positive & Motivated throughout the Semester

A Crash Course In Networking

How to be Happy for a New Semester

How To: De-Stress, Kid-Style

How to Get Leadership Positions After Transferring

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Semester

How to Pull Yourself Together After a Long Night

How to Work Full-Time & Go to School Full-Time

Get Involved in 7 Easy Steps

Rule of Thumb for Student Loans

Slash Your Textbook Costs

Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in College

Using Social Media in College

For Colleges/Admissions Counselors

How To: Support First Generation College Students

NETA Conference Recap

The REAL Transfer Student FAQ’s

Transfer Admissions Proposals


2-year Colleges are Better than you Think

3 Lessons to Learn about Friendships in College

3 Steps to Help Refocus this Semester

6 Reasons to Make Sleep a Priority

8 Tips to Ease Bill Anxiety

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Lovely & Organized Nerd

Being Married & (Still) a Student

Holiday Gift Guide: For Mentors

Holiday Gift Guide: For College Students

Going to College as a First Generation Student

My Story: Going to College after Being Homeschooled

My Take on Different College Types

New Year’s Academic Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Transfer Students

No Accomplishment is too Small: How a Rubik’s Cube Turned into a College Degree

Quick, Easy, Dorm-Friendly Microwave Recipes

Re: Skipping the College Tour

School Isn’t THAT Important

The Ultimate Student Commuter Guide

Top 5 Things I’d Do Differently if I Moved Across the Country Again

Online Programs

10 Reasons I Love My Online Program

How Temple’s Online Program Works

Things I’d Change about my Online Program

Organization and Study Tips

3 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

4 Reasons Multitasking is Awful

5 Tips for Finals Week

6 Reasons Good Grades are Worth it

Reasons to Transfer

4 Reasons to Love Associate’s Degrees

Transferring from a 4-year College: Should You?

Transferring Credits

5 Painless Steps to Petition for Transfer Credit

Quarter to Semester Transfer Tips: Completing Your GE’s

Transfer Credits: Manor College to Moravian College

Transfer Credits: Manor College to Temple University

Transfer Scholarships

How to Afford Your Dream College

My Story: The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

What Makes Someone a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar?

Transfer Struggles

#TransferHorrorStory Halloween Contest

6 Reasons to Stop Transferring

Best Transfer Memes

Comparing College Career Paths

I Regret Transferring to Temple University

What I Wish I’d Known Before Transferring

Transfer Tips

3 Great Schools for Transfer Students

3 Pitfalls to Avoid as a Transfer Applicant

3 Pitfalls to Avoid on Campus

3 Things to Do While Waiting for a Decision

3 Ways to Take Advantage of On-Campus Living

4 Tips to a Great Start as a Transfer Student

4 Ways to Be Less Lonely as a Transfer Student

5 Steps to Your Dream School

5 Things to Consider if You’re Transferring in January

5 Tips for Your First Week Back to School

15 Things You Need To Know About Transferring

Back to School Transfer Tips

Combat First Year Speed Bumps

Highlights for Spring Semester

How to Dominate Your Class Schedule

How to Best Utilize Your Fall Break

Lessons Learned After My First Year as a Transfer Student

Stop: Read These Tips Before Transferring!

Tips for Transferring Schools a Second Time

Top 3 Schools to Transfer to in California

Transfer Checklist

Transfer Lingo you Need to Know

Transfer Timeline

What You Need to Know Before Transferring as a Sophomore

Will I Get into my Dream College?