About Us

As college transfer students in 2015, Sarah and Michelle realized how frustrating and difficult it is to transfer between schools, and that the problem is widespread. Determined to fix this problem, Sarah and Michelle started Transfer Ways in January of 2016 to both advise transfer students and enlighten college counselors.

Transfer Ways wants to put transfer students’ voices in front of college admissions counselors and bring transfer students together to help one another successfully transfer.

To join the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #TransferWays!

The Team


Sarah A. Clymer graduated high school in 2012, and spent a “gap year” exploring careers. She graduated as the Valedictorian with an Associate’s degree in Business Management from Manor College, a two-year college, in the spring of 2015. She immediately transferred to Moravian College for the fall semester, but for several reasons transferred to Temple University for Fall 2016 as a Marketing major.

While at her two-year college, Sarah participated in eight campus organizations, interned in the Marketing Communications Department, and was the Valedictorian for the Class of 2015.


Michelle Liu grew up in Southern California and graduated high school in 2014. She transferred as a sophomore from a 4-year university to the University of Southern California to pursue her interest in accounting and technology as an Accounting major.

Michelle hopes to explore the interdisciplinary connections between business and tech through organizations on campus, as well as her future career.


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Alena Votchits attended Manor College after completing a homeschool program throughout her high school years. Holding several leadership positions in various campus organizations, she graduated as the Valedictorian of the 2014 Manor College class with an Associate Degree in Business Management. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Finance at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Although she is not involved in any organizations at Temple University, she is working full time as a property manager and blogging at Love Everything Lovely, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog.

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Isla Martinez graduated from Manor College in 2016. She earned her Associates in Science, but is furthering her education as a biology transfer student at La Salle University. She grew up mostly in Norristown and Phoenxiville, Pennsylvania after moving to the United States from Mexico when she was 5 years old. This has really impacted her perspective on life, so Isla strives to live each day to the fullest! She is also passionate about environmental conservation and animal rights, even though she hopes to work in the healthcare field one day. Isla also loves hiking, reading, cooking, and spending time with family, friends, and her wonderful boyfriend.


Sam Casteris is a recent college grad currently located in Phoenix, AZ. When she was a first-year college student, she transferred from Montana State University to Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves reading, writing, and helping online audiences solve problems and pursue opportunities, especially when they are struggling financially.

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Abby Golder is a recent college graduate from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism with a strong passion for travel and outdoors adventures. She is a Freelance Content Writer who loves to share a great story. Originally from Colorado, Abigail grew up in a small town called Montrose and she still spends much of her free time in the mountains hiking and skiing.